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it's blacker than black... it's the CORDITEAN GOWN.

The sleeveless upper bodice section is made from stretch cotton, with a centre panel of brocade, trimmed with braiding (see below for a close up of the detail here).

The gathered skirt section is made from an underskirt of net, overlaid with matt black dress fabric; it's dramatically rouched at the front to create a really full and elegant skirt.

It is, of course, an extremely gothic gown; so we've made sure that it's only available in darkest Black... or Black and Purple, where the skirt area is in deliciously dark purple with black net

Underbust Corsets

corsets come back into fashion, and these Underbust Corsets add a refreshing twist to burlesque revivalism.

Designed the Underbust Corsets cinch waists and push curves upward, forcing a very feminine silhouette.

Gothic Tattoos

Because the goth lifestyle is highly individualistic, it’s hard to pin down things it truly represents. Like anything else, we usually know it when we see it. But those on the inside can tell you it’s not always as simple as that. It’s the same when talking about gothic tattoos.

There is a lot of variety in gothic tattoos, just like there is with any tattoo style. But there are several types that stick out, such as occult tattoos, Wiccan, viking runes, fantasy and medieval, among others.

Many times there are exotic and sensuous undertones, but you can also get the dark side associated with the subculture as well.

Either way, they are definitely fascinating to look at, and very much go with the look and feel goths want to portray in who they are and what they represent.

Gothic Accessories

Pamela Quevedo fantastic fantasy pieces with a method of needlework called tatting. The technique itself has been around for hundreds of years, but this creative artist has taken a Gothic twist to her intricate lace-making.

Full of fabulous designs from lacy ankle corsets and wrist adornments to edgy neck pieces and fun Gothic-inspired masks perfect for a masquerade party or whenever you want to veil your identity.

Gothic CLothing for Woman

Gothic clothing is the first thing most people notice, and in many cases, it is also the most recognizable.Our online store offers you a selection of gothic clothing made by the most renowned brands and labels from the European gothic scene, famous for their superior quality and their unique designs.We are at the forefront of gothic fashion and the most exciting internet based retailer of quality gothic style clothing, run by goths for goths.

Goth Fashion | Sexy Goth Woman

Goth Fashion

This goth outfit is very nice, to say the least. It all fits together and definitely is made attractive by the goth woman wearing it.

Now I think if all Gothic fashion went this route there would be quite a few new adherents to the lifestyle.

Even a lot of non-Goths would like this.

Goth Fashion | Unique Goth Fashion

Goth Fashion

Goth is known for being whatever someone wants it to be, and expressing yourself in your specific tastes and desires.

That's the case with this Goth woman who has a little bit of everything in her fashion statement, and isn't afraid to mix-and-match a variety of styles and time periods to make it.

For example, you've got the punk look on her head, which was where Goth emerged from, while also having those little dainty bows which seem to contradict the punk hairstyle.

Then she includes a corset, which is also popular among Goth women, while then including the white tou tou, which seems to disrupt everything again.

It's pretty fun really, and she definitely has some boldness to combine all the things she likes to look like she does.

Gothic Makeup | Great Looking Woman

Gothic Makeup

I like this gothic makeup look, with the pale foundation of the face which really works good with the red or pinkish hair color.

How about those interesting eyes, with the shadow looking so unique? Come on. You know she looks good.

Now if only we were able to see the other side of her head and how that looked overall.

Add that light-toned lipstick and you have a look that will definitely attract admiration and attention. Pale foundation is growing in popularity among many in the Goth community, and you can see from this photo why.

Goth Fashion * Cool Goth Female Fashion

Gothic Fashion

I enjoyed this photo of the Gothic woman and her fashion statement. She has a nice black corset and those black wrist bands look great.

But my favorite of all his her dreadlock hairstyle and the reddish/brown tint or or accessory in her hair.

Add that to the white tou tou (which seems to be growing in popularity in Gothic fashion) , and you have a nice overall look. I only wish I could have seen the shoes or boots she was wearing, as I'm sure it would have completed her cool statement.

Gothic Hair Styles, Gothic Hairstyle & Haircut

Gothic hairstyles are not common type of style and very hard to search in the communal society. That is why many people don't know what Goth is. Gothic hairstyle is different from what Elvira has and not the same as a punk hairstyle. It can be considered as a combination mix of both, punk and Elvira dark hair style.

Gothic is not easily understood, strange and dark colored. There are two different types of dreads for gothic hairstyles - falls (that you take in and out and extensions) and other braided (that are braided into your hair).

How to Get Ideas for Gothic hair Styles

I have to say that there are very few resources available for gothic hair. Some information on Gothic hair styles and Goth culture are provided on other website but they lack photos and pictures. Amy Lee is one of the top vocalist used to have a Gothic hairstyle.

How to Create Gothic hairstyles from Non Goth hair

Many people want to have Gothic hairstyles without having Goth hair. Yes, this is possible as there are various tips that can be followed to make Gothic hairstyle. Gothic hair style is perfect who has black color hair, but you can use other colors also like red, purple or blonde. Mainly two types of Gothic hairstyles can be make like short and long Gothic hairstyle.

Gothic Eye Makeup

In addition to have a Goth hair and perfect hairstyle, another thing to consider is goth makeup. Gothic Makeup is known for its theatrical eye makeup design patterns. One of the most striking features of Goth is that both men and women wear the ubiquitous black eye liner. This idea of goth makeup application is popular and practiced.