Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Gothic Tattoos

Because the goth lifestyle is highly individualistic, it’s hard to pin down things it truly represents. Like anything else, we usually know it when we see it. But those on the inside can tell you it’s not always as simple as that. It’s the same when talking about gothic tattoos.

There is a lot of variety in gothic tattoos, just like there is with any tattoo style. But there are several types that stick out, such as occult tattoos, Wiccan, viking runes, fantasy and medieval, among others.

Many times there are exotic and sensuous undertones, but you can also get the dark side associated with the subculture as well.

Either way, they are definitely fascinating to look at, and very much go with the look and feel goths want to portray in who they are and what they represent.

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