Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Goth Fashion | Unique Goth Fashion

Goth Fashion

Goth is known for being whatever someone wants it to be, and expressing yourself in your specific tastes and desires.

That's the case with this Goth woman who has a little bit of everything in her fashion statement, and isn't afraid to mix-and-match a variety of styles and time periods to make it.

For example, you've got the punk look on her head, which was where Goth emerged from, while also having those little dainty bows which seem to contradict the punk hairstyle.

Then she includes a corset, which is also popular among Goth women, while then including the white tou tou, which seems to disrupt everything again.

It's pretty fun really, and she definitely has some boldness to combine all the things she likes to look like she does.

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